Grades Taught

Pre K - 3


Jessie Duncan Elementary School was built in 1984. It was named after the first teacher at Penhold School. It is part of Chinook's Edge School Division, which is the largest rural school division in Alberta. Jessie Duncan Elementary is a learning community that is home to approximately 300 students in grades pre-K - 3. Jessie Duncan is located in the town of Penhold, a community of approximately 2500 people. This school also draws children from the community of Springbrook, a town without any schools, located 6 km north. Jessie Duncan offers students a variety of academic programs as well as many specialized opportunities. Some highlights of our school's programs include: -a balanced curriculum with individualized programs of study to meet the learning needs of all students -outstanding support to special needs students and students-at-risk -the use of current technology to enhance learning -a variety of art, music, drama and physical fitness opportunities "beyond the curriculum"

Philosophy, Mission, Goals

Philosopy: Jessie Duncan Elementary School provides learning opportunities to develop academic, personal and teamwork skills necessary for life-long learning as well as developing the skills necessary to care for one another.

Mission: To be an educational environment where students focus on learning as a life-long endeavor, where innovative teaching practices are developed and student achievements are valued and honored.


  • Engage all learners
  • Meet unique/individual needs
  • Safe learning environment
  • Build the foundation for literacy and numeracy
  • Developmentally appropriate experiences
  • Sense of community/belonging

Our School Rules

  1. We play in ways that are helpful and caring.
  2. We play safely.
  3. We include others in our play.
  4. We are respectful.