Student School Supplies for 2023-2024

Dear Parents, 

Jessie Duncan had great success with our new school supplies program. The program involves bulk ordering all supplies for each grade. The teachers get a chance to organize all your child's supplies and have them ready when they walk in the door the first day of school! This allows for a smooth transition for the first day.  We will be charging each student a $35-$55 flat fee for School Supplies depending on the grade.  This will be applied to your school fees account and you will be able to pay this after the first day of school.  PreK has no school supplies. 

Online Fee Payments Website

How to Pay School Fees Instructions

You will need to still supply your child with the following: 

  • Headphones for Grades 1-3 —each student needs their own ( no ear buds ).
  • Indoor Shoes
  • Backpack
  • Lunch Kit & Water Bottle